Transit windscreen washer not working?

I recently bought this van and the windscreen wash/wipe packed up. I tested the washer motor and it's okay. The other window wiper functions are okay. When I press the switch I get no power to the washer motor or the wiper motor. Just wondering if the washer motor circuit is separate from the wiper circuit on wash/wipe switch or if both are on one circuit? Can't really tell from wiring diagram in Haynes. If circuits are separate I'm thinking it must be the switch that is at fault so I can replace it without checking all the wiring. Do you think this is a correct assumption.

Asked on 9 November 2015 by Jonro

Answered by Alan Ross
So have you tried putting a feed to the washer pump? And if so what was the result.
have you checked all relevant fuses? If the pump works with direct power then yes the switch is suspect. If no then could be the pump itself.
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