Why is my Renault Kangoo van blowing smoke?

My father has a Renault Kangoo 1.5 DCi van. It idles ok but there is a lack of power and lots of white smoke.

I removed the EGR valve and cleaned it up. It had a lot of carbon on it. The turbo is drawing air in but doesn't seem to be pushing much out. I'm thinking it's a faulty turbo, but it has also been using lots of oil. Any ideas?

Asked on 5 January 2016 by dait

Answered by Alan Ross
Well white smoke normally indicates that the fuel being injected is not being burnt correctly.(the smoke will burn your eyes)

The problem could be one of many things and so it may be prudent (and more cost effective) to have a diagnostic check carried out in the first instance.

This should then show up a fault code (P ---- 4 numbers) which can then be related to the problem (sensors etc)

You don't say what mileage the engine has done but you may also want to carry out a compression check ( ref the oil situation)
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