Is the Renault Kangoo a car derived van?

I run a company-owned 2010 Renault Kangoo medium wheelbase van - max gross just under 2.0 tonnes. It is classed on the V5 as a 'car derived van', and therefore subject to the same speed limits as a car.

Recently we have added two new Kangoos of the same model, but these are classed as vans and therefore subject to the lower 'van' speed limits. Has the law changed, and who decides what category a particular van falls into, and why?

Asked on 25 July 2016 by minihaha

Answered by Honest John
Like a Berlingo, Partner, Caddy and Doblo, a Kangoo was never a 'car derived van' so there was a mistake on your original V5C. However, with windows in the sides and at least two rows of seats, they are classified as 'van derived cars' and are subject to car speed limits.
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