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Volkswagen Caravelle burning oil

I purchased a used Volkswagen Caravelle eight months ago for £23,000 from a large specialist dealer. The car has one previous owner and has covered 73,000 miles on the clock. The dealer included a 12 month warranty. Within two weeks of buying it, the DPF light came on. I returned it to the dealer who replaced the DPF and the turbos.

One month later the car started burning oil at a rate of six litres a week and it now transpires that the valves in the cylinder head are worn along with the piston rings. Also a valve in the oil filer housing is seized. I've been quoted a £5000 repair bill as the fault is not covered by the warranty. Is there anything I can do?

Asked on 18 October 2016 by Richard Steele

Answered by Honest John
Unfortunately it's now more then 6 months since you bought the car so you would have to prove that the car was faulty before you bought it, which will be difficult to do. Dealer liability for such faults only lasts 6 months: This seems to be a common fault on the 2.0 TDI biturbo.
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