Should I fit winter tyres to my motorhome?

I own a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van-based camper - tyre size 235/65x16. Mileage per year is approx 7000, although more in the autumn and winter months. I am loathed to spend out on two sets of tyres and would like to go for a set of winter - or (less favoured) all season tyres, on the grounds of better traction in the wet/snow, and on wet muddy camp sites.

Current thinking is either Kleber Transap2 (Winter) or Maxxis MA/LAS(All season). Only downside I can see is that summer wear may well be greater. Are there any other alternative tyres that I should be looking at?

Asked on 10 November 2016 by Mick Guy

Answered by Honest John
I would not have full cold weather tyres on a heavy vehicle like a motorhome all year round because the heat generated during a long motorway run at 30C+ ambient could blow a tyre. Go for all weather. Check out Nokian Weatherproof.
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