How often should I run my diesel van to keep it in good condition?

I currently run my motorhome once a week. I take it out on the road and drive it around for approximately 16 miles at various speeds between 20mph and 55mph on different road types. Is this enough exercise for the van to keep it in good condition? The whole process takes about an hour from taking off the drive to turning it off once back on the drive.

Asked on 24 January 2017 by 4matt

Answered by Dan Powell
Regular use should help keep the diesel engine healthy. Most campers are built on commercial vehicle platforms that are designed to be driven 200,000 miles over six or seven years - not parked up for long periods in a garage. However, with regular use and servicing every 10,000 miles, there is no reason why your Movano shouldn't give you trouble free driving. For common Movano faults, see:
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Low loading sill with the front-wheel drive models makes it easy to load heavy goods, strong engines and slick gearboxes, low running costs and 25,000-mile service intervals.

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