A dealer bought an old vehicle from me - do I have to refund him after he found rust?

I had an 18 year old campervan up for sale. A dealer inspected it and reduced his offer by £500 because of some bodywork rust, this was agreed. He bought it, then contacted me to say there was more rust than he thought (all visible) and that I should make him a refund to cover the cost of its treatment. He claims my advert, said it was in good condition, which it is for an 18 year old vehicle. What is my responsibility?

Asked on 7 April 2017 by Straggly Dan

Answered by Honest John
None. Because you sold it to a dealer and a dealer is expected make a professional judgement, which he did, and reduced the price he paid to you by £500. You are not in breach of contract. You own him nothing.
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