Do the police take car crime as a serious problem?

Do the police take car crime as a serious problem? I've just had my van broken into twice in the space of a month, actual damage to repair £2000.The police don't even take fingerprints. Nothing was stolen from my van because I keep it empty. Are Volkswagen T5 vans a target for vehicle thieves?

Asked on 8 May 2017 by tom brehony

Answered by Dan Powell
I’m very sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having with thieves in your local area. Sadly, vans are lucrative targets for crooks, with the promise of expensive tools and equipment inside. The important thing here is to deter criminals from attempting to break in, because (as you rightly point out) the damage to the vehicle can be costly (both in terms of time and money) with broken windows and door locks. I’d recommend fitting a Stoplock to the rear and side doors. If they’re smashing the windows to get in, it might also be an idea to fit a window security film. For more products to improve your van’s security, see:
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