Is it a dealer's duty to carry out a mileage check?

I bought a Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian in March 2016. At the time the mileage showed just over 31,000, the car came with full Mitsubishi service history that backs up the mileage throughout. I have now decided to sell the vehicle but have come up against an issue. The dealer that was ready to buy my vehicle has raised a concern regarding the mileage shown in my service book does not match that of the NMR database. There is a log of 34,381 dated April 2015. The service prior to me purchasing the vehicle tallies up with that of the sale but in September 2014 the service only shows 28,000. This obviously sends alarm bells ringing now that I look at the facts as it would suggest that the vehicle had only covered 3000 miles in roughly a year and a half. I have contacted the dealer who I purchased the vehicle from who has offered me £1000 pounds less than I was offered for the sale with the dealer who made me an offer. Along with this I feel I have over paid for the vehicle in the first place. Is it a dealers absolute responsibility to carry out a mileage check, as he did HPI the vehicle but has admitted that he did not check the mileage? To make matters worse, I have also been hit with a £1800 bill after the head gasket going on the vehicle. Can I pursue the cost of repair, difference in sale price and overpayment for the vehicle in the first place?

Asked on 17 May 2017 by Alan Allardice

Answered by Honest John
If a mileage discrepancy is proven then the dealer who sold you the truck is guilty of not showing "due diligence" in checking the mileage, which he was legally required to do, as well as being financially liable to you for selling you a truck with a fake mileage. Law here:
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