Why are the fuel injectors corroding on my Peugeot horsebox?

I have a problem with my Peugeot Boxer horse box. It is four years old and has only done 6500 miles. To date, I have had to replace two fuel injectors which had corroded to the cylinder head caused by water ingress. Now the other two fuel injectors are causing me problems. I have spoken with Peugeot main dealership who tell me that there is no recall on the vehicle nor have they offered any reason why the corrosion has happened or what the likelihood of it happening again is likely to be. The vehicle is kept outside, south facing and is used weekly - journeys are mainly approx one hour each way. Is there anything else that I could do to protect/prevent reccurence?

Asked on 4 July 2017 by Alice Bock

Answered by Honest John
A lot depends on how the vehicle is kept and is used. If it spends a lot of time unused and parked outside then that combination could be the problem. It would appear that the problem is more prevalent on motorhomes and models such as yours that tend to sit stationary for long periods. The rain water gets into the engine compartment via the front scuttle /wiper arms. The reason for your corroded Injectors is due to this water ingress . Have attached a link that you may want to read as it will show you the problems that others have had and what they have tried to rectify www.motorhomefun.co.uk/forum/threads/peugeot-boxer.../
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