Does my Renault Master 3.5-tonne van need a tachograph as I am using it for fruit deliveries?

I am a fruit farmer and have a 2004 Renault Master van for making deliveries. I farm as a partnership with my wife and the van is registered to me personally. Its gross weight is rated as 3.5 tonnes alone or 5.5 tonnes with a trailer. If I have a suitable trailer do I need a tachograph to be fitted if I want to exceed 3.5 tonnes? If so, do I also need an operators licence? Where is the best source of information?

Asked on 22 August 2010 by henryd

Answered by Honest John
Yes, I think you do, because your rig is being used for commercial purposes. The law is Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005, EC Directive 15/2002.
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