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I was told my new vehicle had one previous owner, but it has two - will this affect resale value?

I bought a four year old mini motor caravan from a reputable dealer in May. It was advertised as one owner, but I had to wait a number of weeks before I picked it up from them as the previous owner hadn't left the V5 with them. When we picked it up we were told - after we had signed the documentation - that they only had one key and they would have to get the spare key from the previous owner who was away. When we received the V5 logbook in my name I was now the third owner as the dealer had re-registered the previous owner at the dealers address instead of selling via the V65. The dealer tells me it will have no relation on later sales value, but I am unconvinced. Now he tells me they can't get the spare key from the previous owner and that's not their problem. Do you think I have been lied to here and sold a pup, what should I do? I am pleased with the vehicle itself, but now worried for the future.

Asked on 8 July 2017 by Rogdrive

Answered by Honest John
No. The problem has been with the previous owner all along. He failed to supply the V5C, forcing the dealer to go through the process he went through to get a V5C. The previous owner also failed to supply the spare key. As long as you have the original key you can get a spare key made up at any branch of Timpsons in shopping malls, in side streets, and in Tesco foyers and carparks.
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