Various parts of my van need replacing - is the dealer liable for not fixing it in the warranty period?

I have 2012 Ford Transit Connect, bought 1 November 2016. Since taking the speed limiter off the van, the fuel filter overloaded sign keeps coming up. Now the engine management light has come on with engine malfunction. It's done 62,000 miles and just passed its MoT with no advisories. I just got email from the dealer saying I need new DPF, gasket, vaporiser and sensor pressure. The entire time it was under warranty, I took it to them and they pushed the problem away by saying do long journeys. Now it's out of warranty period and a lot of things need replaced. Can I take it back to the dealer?

Asked on 24 July 2017 by Dhruv

Answered by Dan Powell
The DPF problems suggest that the van has only been used for short local runs. They usually clog up if the van is not driven a minimum of 15 miles per trip. More details here:

How did you take the speed limiter off? Did you do it yourself or employ a garage to do it? If the latter, take it back as the work appears to have created some electrical problems – hence the overloaded light is coming on. Either that or your van is indeed carrying too much weight. If any of the other problems had occurred within the first six months of buying the van then the dealer would have automatically been liable. However, given eight months have now passed since you bought it, I think you’re going to have a hard time proving they were evident when you collected the van back in November. For all of your legal rights, see:
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