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Injector in our Volkswagen Caravelle failed - are we due any goodwill from Volkswagen?

Our 2011 Volkswagen Caravelle broke down suddenly (no warning lights) a month ago. A local, non-franchise Volkswagen garage replaced the number one injector. The van broke down again on a long run last week. Same garage now says low oil pressure/high temp means oil thinning too much to be injected, hence it failing. Diagnosis is that it needs a new engine (£4000), and says others have had similar problems with the same vehicle with same engine. Volkswagen franchise replaced the EGR valve two years/15,000 miles ago. Is it worth approaching Volkswagen UK? We were planning to sell to fund college fees, but we're reluctant to pass it on for someone else's hard earned cash. What's best to do?

Asked on 22 August 2017 by Joe Turner

Answered by Honest John
Worth approaching, but they have plenty of other problems so the budget for goodwill is tight. But I can confirm that this is a common problem and the engine was one of those subject to the NOx emissions fix recall. If the failure occurred after the fix you might be in for some goodwill.
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