Dealer has been trying unsuccessfully to fix my van for weeks - can I sue for loss of income?

My Vauxhall Vivaro went in for a repair under warranty on 31 July 2017, they continue to be unable to fix the fault and are unable to locate the part. As a sole trader, I've lost six weeks of income and am still having to pay the finance payments for the van. Nobody is taking responsibility for the situation and I keep getting passed from pillar to post between Vauxhall customer care to the finance company to the dealer I purchased the car from. What rights do I have and how can I solve this as they seem to have had long enough in their attempts to repair?

Asked on 11 September 2017 by Andy

Answered by Honest John
Hopefully the car is being fixed by the dealer you bought it from. Give notice to this dealer that you intend to sue for loss of income from the vehicle for the period it has been out of action and continues to be out of action on the basis of the income you can prove you were earning from it beforehand. Use Small Claims:
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