Can you recommend a car with lots of ground clearance suitable for three dogs?

My wife runs an R-reg Renault Megane for twice-daily short journeys, taking our three Labradors to an area of sand dunes where they walk. The "car park" is unmade and is very uneven, mostly worn grass over beaten sand. We need a car with a good ground clearance but with a low entrance at the back for the dogs. A modest estate would be preferable to a hatchback. A reliable secondhand vehicle is indicated, with plenty of boot space. The dogs would need to be separated from the front either by a dog guard or by dog crates. Can you recommend any suitable models which might fit these criteria?

Asked on 9 September 2010 by BobR369

Answered by Honest John
Get an ex-police dog van from the police auctions at West Oxfordshire Motor Auctions, Witney. These are custom built with proper cages and vital ventilation, sometimes from vans, but the best are converted Focus and Astra estates.
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