Why did I have to pay road tax twice on a new vehicle?

I ordered a "new" demo Volkswagen T6 Transporter, which was converted into a campervan. I collected it from the converter in April 2017, the price quoted included 12 months road tax. Some weeks later I discovered that the vehicle was not taxed, I subsequently had to tax the vehicle again. I have drawn a blank in getting someone to take responsibility. Can you advise?

Asked on 24 October 2017 by

Answered by Honest John
What happened was that the dealer paid the original 'showroom tax'. But then, on re-selling it, was obliged to reclaim 11 months tax at the second year (annual) rate, leaving the purchaser (you) to pay a year's tax at the second year (annual) rate. That is how the new system from April 2017 works. If the price was advertised as "including 12 months tax", then you are entitled to demand the cost of that from the vendor.
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