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I recently bought a van that now seems faulty - can I reject it?

I bought a Volkswagen Crafter, with 61,000 miles on the clock, for £10,400 a week ago. The price seemed about right, although my gut told me it’s had heavy use as the back of the van was in a bit of a state.I decided to go ahead anyway, but a week later I was driving along and everything that has an led light in it was flashing, even the electric windows. The indicators stopped working, there was a beeping noise and the button on the key fob wouldn't lock the van. The next time I got in it, everything was normal. When I told the dealer I wasn’t happy with the van, he told me not to go down that road with him. He agreed to take it to the garage yesterday and it came back with him saying there was nothing wrong with it. Can I get my money back for this van as I’d like to find a different one?

Asked on 28 October 2017 by David Robinson

Answered by Honest John
In theory you have a statutory right to reject the van under The Consumer Rights Act 2015, but, as far as I know, this has yet to be tested in a high enough court to set legal precedents. So you would have to fall back on case law that does not give you an automatic right of rejection over a "fault" that cannot be proven. (I think what happened was thew earth cable of the battery came loose, so that's worth checking.) Law here:
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