I paid extra for DAB radio in my campervan - is it fair that four months later it still isn't fitted?

I took delivery of a new Volkswagen California Beach on 15 September 2017 and paid extra for a DAB radio (£350 plus VAT). I live in Bath but bought it from a Volkswagen van centre in Poole. No one told me the DAB was not fitted when I drove back to Bath. It was a approximately a month before I went back for the mudguards, (which also hadn't been fitted), and I asked why I couldn't get the DAB to work. I was promised that they'd get one fitted but had to get the parts. I went back to have this corrected on 25 November after many phone calls asking for information. Instead of an invisible aerial, I had one stuck to my windscreen. It didn't work and they said they had been sent the wrong part which had been labelled incorrectly. I'm still waiting for them to contact me, despite promising they will keep me updated. I feel I'm being fobbed off having waited so long. My sister in-law bought a Volkswagen Beach from the same garage before me with a DAB radio. There is no visible aerial. Am I being offered a cheaper alternative?

Asked on 13 February 2018 by Andrew Richards

Answered by Dan Powell
I think it’s unacceptable for the dealer to fob you off with an aftermarket DAB aerial, when you’ve paid for a factory-fit system. Make a complaint in writing to the dealer principal. Send it by recorded delivery and outline all of the problems you've had. Demand that, if the dealer cannot fix the radio, they fund a specialist who can, either by repairing the existing radio or fitting a different one. That is your right because the radio (not the van) has been faulty from the day you took delivery.
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