Should I have to pay for recall work on my vehicle?

Due to recall of my Fiat Ducato motorhome I visited my local Fiat Professional dealer and they suggested that replacement of EGR pipe the work would take normally 6.5 hours on a Ducato van but with extra difficulties in getting access to motorhomes engines would mean an extra 4 hours of labour total cost £317 as Fiat warranty would not cover extra for motorhomes. This seems strange given they supply 75% of European motorhome base vehicles. I was also told that Camper Customer Services was in disarray and not taking direct calls and they were going through Fiat Professional van division. I would be interested to have you views?

Asked on 21 February 2018 by Ian Lamb

Answered by Dan Powell
If your van needs work due to a recall, it should be carried out at no cost to you. However, dealers have been known to charge for additional work that – while related – are not actually part of the manufacturer recall. Ask the dealer to put in writing why they’re charging £317. And ensure they make it clear if the labour is related to the recall or not. Once you have this, speak with Fiat direct to see if they’ll cover the costs.

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