Please note that insurance group ratings are purely advisory. They are used by many motor insurers as just one of the many input factors in calculating premiums. As such, they can provide a useful indicator of the likely relative cost of insuring a particular vehicle. Insurers are not required to follow the advisory group ratings and the full cost of insurance will depend entirely on the age and status of the policy holder.

Light Van
Version Group
Club 1.3CDTi 16v ecoFLEX 2E
Club 1.7CDTi 16v 2E
Club 1.7CDTi 16v 110 ecoFLEX 3E
Club 1.7CDTi 16v 125 3E
Club 1.9CDTi (120PS) 3E
Club 1.9CDTi (120PS) Automatic 3E
Sportive 1.3CDTi 16v ecoFLEX 2E
Sportive 1.7CDTi 16v 2E
Sportive 1.7CDTi 16v 110 3E
Sportive 1.7CDTi 16v 125 3E
Sportive 1.9CDTi (120PS) 3E
Sportive 1.9CDTi (120PS) Automatic 3E
Sportive XP 1.7CDTi 16v Euro 5 (125PS) 4E

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