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Good: Impressive on road and easy to drive off road, refined, six-speed transmission with low range. Vastly improved V6 TDI from 2016 can tow 3.2 tonnes and has outstanding AWD system.
Bad: Original 2.0 TDI has low CO2 and is reasonably economical but not really strong enough for tough work.
Good: High quality interior, refined and comfortable making it ideal for both long and short work, impressive TDI engines are punchy yet frugal, ESP as standard.
Bad: Entry-level 1.6 TDI model can feel underpowered when full laden, narrow load area compared to rivals, rivals have a bigger payload.
Good: Impressive 2.0 TDI engine, excellent refinement,
Bad: A thorough revamp rather than an all-new van, cargo area is still limited compared to the competition.
Good: Zero tailpipe emissions, car-like refinement, high quality cabin, available as panel van or seven-seater MPV.
Bad: Limited range of 137 miles,UK launch date has been pushed back to mid-2020.
Good: Easy to drive, lots of van-like practicality, suitable for wheelchair conversion, available with seven-seats.
Bad: A lot more expensive than other van-based MPVs, interior feels a little crude.
Good: Sensibly priced seven-seater with enough space for seven and their luggage, huge loadspace with seats removed.
Bad: Rearmost bench seat does not fold and has to be removed to free up space, noisy on the motorway.
Good: Impressively refined and comfortable to drive, high quality interior, excellent 2.0 TDI common rail diesel is one of the best van engines around.
Bad: Lower powered version of the TDI engine can struggle with a full load on board.
Good: Good to drive, comfortable and refined, available with an impressive range of tech.
Bad: Not as efficient as its big van rivals, interior feels cheap, most of the tech costs extra.
Good: Easy to drive, zero tailpipe emissions, 1.7 tonne payload limit, packed with useful tech.
Bad: Limited range of 107 miles, not available until late-2020.
Good: Loads of space. In-built bathroom. Relaxing to drive once you're used to the size.
Bad: Expensive. Modern rather than homely. Parking could be tricky.
Good: Great use of space, high quality fit and finish, relatively efficient diesel engines, sleeps four adults in genuine comfort, compact enough to use as a day-to-day vehicle.
Bad: Gruff engine, dashboard is more ‘van’ than Volkswagen car as is driving position, expensive and very much so with options, reports of catastrophic engine problems with 2.0BITD after 60k miles.
Good: Similar cabin to Volkswagen car models, very quiet and refined on the move, luxury feel, plenty of rear space, strong performance from 2.0 TDI engine, upmarket looks.
Bad: There are considerably cheaper seven seat people carriers available, running costs are high, rear seats are heavy and awkward to lift out. Catastrophic engine problems with 2.0BiTDI after 60k miles.
Good: Very refined and car-like to drive with an upmarket cabin, durable and well built, smooth common-rail TDI engine, available as a Shuttle which seats up to nine, ESP stability control as standard.
Bad: Steering column is known to knock, window leaks are common. Catastrophic engine problems with 2.0BITD after 60k miles.
Good: Refined and easy to drive, excellent driver and passenger comfort, still the coolest way to camp.
Bad: High list price, sluggish DSG automatic gearbox, limited number of petrol models.
Good: Quiet and refined seven-seater with lots of interior space, impressive road handling for its size, strong range of efficient diesel engines.
Bad: Isn't that different to the old T5, expensive to buy new, ride can get bumpy on rough roads, rear seats are heavy and cumbersome to remove.
Good: Even more refined and car-like to drive, most economical 102PS 2.0 TDI is also the best, large range of body configurations, lots of standard equipment.
Bad: Not an all-new Transporter rather a revamp of the T5, lacking legroom up front which hampers the driving position.
Good: High quality alternative to the Volkswagen California, luxurious fit and finish, huge range of customisation options, available as a new bespoke van or conversion of existing T5/T6 Transporter.
Bad: Only a handful of Vanxworx sites in England, new bespoke vans can get expensive.

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