Top 10 highest payload medium vans

These are the best medium size vans for payload. From the Ford Transit Custom to the Vauxhall Vivaro, this is the definitive list of the top 10 mid-size vans for maximum payload capacity. 


Citroen Dispatch - 1469kg

The Citroen Dispatch has the capability to haul a maximum payload of 1469kg. To achieve that, the model to go for is the XS Diesel 2.0 Blue HDi 1400 Enterprise.

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Peugeot Expert - 1469kg

The Peugeot Expert is identical to the Citroen Dispatch, which means you get the same 1469kg. Hardly surprising then that this popular Peugeot is a butch companion for builders and delivery drivers.

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Ford Transit Custom - 1459kg

There’s nothing the Transit custom doesn’t do well - and that includes hauling loads. In the case of the 340 series, which has a GVW of 3400kg, it will lug up to 1459kg without stress - as much as a front-wheel-drive Transit will carry. Move up to 3.5t-plus models and the Transit has plenty more to offer in the large van segment as well.

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Vauxhall Vivaro - 1458kg

Another facsimile of the Peugeot and Citroen, the Vivaro has recently been reborn in such a form following the merger of Vauxhall-Opel and PSA. It has given the brand a much needed boost in the mid-size LCV sector and with more models planned, the Vivaro could well be challenging the class leaders in time.

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Toyota Proace - 1458kg

The Proace shares its body with the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Dispatch but comes with a smaller choice of trim levels and body options. As a result the maximum payload you can extract from it is 1458kg - just 1kg shy of the best-selling Ford Transit Custom and 11kg shy of the class leaders.

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Volkswagen Transporter - 1353kg

The best payload you can get from a Transporter is 1353kg, which is offered by the base model Startline with the 105PS engine and manual transmission. But even if you improve the specification to a six-speeder in Trendline trim, with 150PS, you get a 45kg payload advantage over any of the lesser models in this list.

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Renault Trafic - 1280kg

The Trafic is essentially the same as the NV300, but the Twin Turbo LWB model in ‘Business’ spec is a smarter van than the entry-level Nissan, with features such as LED headlights. As per the Nissan it’s the lowest spec and longest wheelbase that add up to the best payload combination.

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Nissan NV300 - 1280kg

The NV300 fares best in entry-level long-wheelbase form, where the combination of a lower kerb weight and higher GVW than short-wheelbase versions gives it a boost. It’ll carry up to 1280kg, though if you can sacrifice 30kg, the next model up is a far more comfortable van.

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Mercedes-Benz Vito - 1251kg

The Vito has never been one of the best performing vans in terms of payload and despite recent upgrades it still isn’t. But it’s a classy van and in 114 CDI Pure specification with the shorter wheelbase it will carry up to 1251kg, which is more than enough for most business users.

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Fiat Talento - 1249kg

Fiat’s Talento is essentially the same as the Renault Trafic and Nissan NV300, but has a lower payload rating. This is simply because the Talento is available in fewer trim levels, so the best-performing base model doesn’t exist within the Fiat range. The maximum payload applies to twin-turbo 1.6 models with long wheelbase and standard roof.

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