Why are there so few long wheelbase standard height vans on the market?

I am about to buy a van for self-employed courier work. After looking into different types of vehicle, I have decided on a Transit Custom L2H1. I like the Transit Custom for it's comfort and accessories and I like type because it's long enough to take three pallets (L2) and I can get under car park barriers (H1). However when I search for vehicles of this type and dimensions I find a) there are comparatively few available and b) most of them are non-white, which suggests they may not be a favourite among couriers/delivery drivers. What do you think?

Asked on 17 December 2018 by Robert

Answered by Dan Powell
The Ford Transit Custom is a great van. I wouldn’t worry too much about the lack of white versions. Ford actually has three base colours - white, red or blue – and this means buyers don’t have to opt for white to get the cheapest van.

There are lots of Ford vans on the used market and it might simply be a case of waiting until you find one that meets your needs. If you can’t wait that long, something like the Volkswagen T6 Transporter would equally suit your needs: vans.honestjohn.co.uk/van-reviews/volkswagen/trans.../

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