What pick ups are registered as M1 rather than commercial vehicles?

Are any double cab pick ups or dual purpose vehicles registered as M1 rather than light commercial vehicles? And if so what models.

Asked on 2 August 2019 by Chris Macey

Answered by Dan Powell
It depends on the kerb weight of the pick-up. If the unladen weight is below 2020kg, it's classed as M1 and has the same speed limits as a car.

If the kerb weight is above 2040kg, it's classed as N1 and restricted to lower on national speed limit single carriageways (50mph, as opposed to 60mph) and dual-carriageways (60mph; as opposed to 70mph).

You can find the kerb weight in the vehicle manual or on a plate on the vehicle (usually near the driver's door pillar).
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