Can I change the classification of my pick-up to that of a passenger vehicle?

I passed through Rotherhite Tunnel in London and now face a penalty for an oversize commercial vehicle. My Mitsubishi is never used for commercial purposes and it is a 4WD recreation pick-up with five seats. They say it must be classified as a passenger car not a pick-up for penalty purposes. Apparently, the weight limit is fully laden 2 tonnes whereas my Mitsubishi is 2.5 tonnes. I have appealed but got a refusal, so where can I get it certified properly as a large passenger vehicle given that a 4WD cannot be a commercial vehicle and it is never designed as a commercial vehicle?

Asked on 11 August 2019 by Hal SAVAS

Answered by Dan Powell
Pick-up trucks are, by their very design, commercial vehicles. Almost all will carry one-tonne and tow huge loads when hooked up to a braked trailer. And this means they are classed in a similar category to vans. I can't envisage any scenario where the DVLA would be willing to change it to a car, simply because you do not use it for its intended purpose.
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