Gear change indicator light has stopped working on my Ford Transit Custom - how do I switch it on again?

I have a 68-plate Ford Transit Custom. The gear indicator on the dash (which tells you when to change gears) has stopped working. I’ve phoned my fleet team and they have said it’s a setting I need to change but I’m not convinced. Any idea what it could be?

Asked on 16 August 2019 by Dawn king

Answered by Dan Powell
It may be possible to switch the gear change indicator light on/off via the van's trip computer.

When the van is parked up safely, with the handbrake on and in neutral, press the up and down arrow buttons on the steering wheel and scroll through the menus until you get to Driver Assist/Driver aids. Press the right arrow button to enter the submenu and there might be an option to switch on/off the gear indicator with the OK button. Press the left arrow button to exit the submenu when you've completed the task.

If you do not have an option to switch the gear indicator on/off via the trip then it might be activated with the Eco button (if it has one) on the dashboard.
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