Can I haggle a discount on a new vehicle when a scrappage discount is already in play?

I have more or less decided on a new Citroen Relay van. I note I could obtain one from a broker for about £18,000 (excluding VAT). However, I note that Citroen are offering £10,000 scrappage/swappage on their site for the Relay. I have an old Kangoo that is idea, it's literally on death's door and wouldn't be worth £300. £10,000 against it sounds enticing. How much should I expect to be able to pin down on a discount, before hitting them with the £10k scrappage they have advertised? I'm fully aware that they will want to give with one hand (offer a new scrappage promotion) and take with the other hand (simultaneously inflate prices and cease discounting.) £10k off full price (ie: £22k ex VAT) leaves them still uncompetitive in relation to a van broker site. Do you thinking its doable to get up to £5k or so negotiated discount off the list price then the £10k scrappage/swappage offer enacted on top of that again?

Asked on 12 May 2020 by N Gallagher

Answered by Dan Powell
In my experience, dealers are usually unwilling to haggle when they are offering scrappage for a part-exchange van. By all means try (if you don't ask...) but I'd expect the dealer to argue that their hands are tied due to the scrappage discount. It might be better to speak with two separate Citroen dealers and get two prices. That way you can a haggle a price without scrappage at one and then try and haggle a better deal at the other with the scrappage discount.
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