Will the engine be a concern on a van with over 220,000 miles?

I'm currently looking for a van to convert into a camper. It will be my first time doing woodwork, electrics etc so it will likely serve as a bit of a learning experience. I'll look to make use of the van for about three years before probably trying it again with more attention to detail on a nicer van. Right now though, I'm just looking for a cheap old runner. I've found a nice looking high roof 2008 Ford Transit with security locks and a roof rack for £1800 and I don't mind shelling out a fair bit more at a garage if the odd problem comes up as it's so cheap to start with. It has 223,000 miles on the clock. The main concern I have though is engine health - it's been flagged on its previous MOT as the engine indicator light being the cause of a failure (with a subsequent pass the next day). Is paying for a basic vehicle check from the RAC a good way of getting reassurance on something like this? Is that a reliable way of sussing out future problems?

Asked on 12 November 2020 by Tom

Answered by Dan Powell
The engine's approaching the end of its mechanical life. Most 12-year-old Transit vans with this type of mileage will be ripe for scrap or spares and repair. If you want a cheap van for a year or two motoring it may be fine. But I would say it's a case of when and not if the engine will give you a long list of expensive problems.
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