Why is my Volkswagen Caddy diesel van losing power?

My 2015 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6-litre TDI is losing power. It starts fine and ticks over. Can you tell me what the problem may be?

Asked on 25 November 2020 by John odea

Answered by Dan Powell
There are a number of reasons why your Caddy van may lose power.

-Clogged air or fuel filter
-Blocked or faulty DPF
-Problems with the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves
-Faulty or damaged fuel injectors

The last one of this list is the most concerning, as it's a known weakness on this generation of the Caddy. It’s an expensive fix. Buy direct from Volkswagen and you’ll be looking at a bill anywhere from £2000-£3000 to replace them all.

If it is the injectors then it’s a false economy replacing a single one. Aftermarket, original equipment injectors can be sourced and will save you about a third over official parts, but it’s still a pricey fix should it need doing.
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