When is new new?

I ordered an Iveco van which was to be factory built, hence a 2 month waiting list.

When the van was being delivered to the dealership, the engine blew.
A new engine has now been replaced, but I take umbridge when the dealership act as if I should be pleased, with quotes from them, such as "it's got less miles on it, it's a new engine we have fitted."

Have I any claim against Iveco or the dealership? Or does it mean, although it is not the engine fitted at the factory, it is still a new van?

Asked on 25 April 2011 by redvanman

Answered by Honest John
Don't see why. The problem was rectified before you even took delivery of the van. But you do have to make sure that the new engine number is correctly recorded in the V5C registration document.

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