Sold a car with no MOT

It seems that I have been taken for a ride. I bought a car off the internet with the advert stating it had a new MOT.

I spoke to the guy, who said the clutch went on his way home after he MOT'd the van. He couldn't afford to repair it as he was getting married in a few weeks.

I traveled from Portsmouth to London to view the van. Once there he also said he couldn't find the current MOT but would forward it on with any other paper work. He also didn't have the new log book, as it still hadn't arrived from the DVLA, which I know can be a pain. As he seemed a genuine fella in a lovely London house, nice family etc.

I took his word. Well I checked on the VOSA website this morning using the old colour log book that was included in the history.

It seems its not MOT'd at all. I have rung him with no answer and it seems there is also no red log book, as I also contacted the DVLA regarding it all.

What can I do? And yes, I know I have been taken for a mug!

Asked on 23 June 2011 by fingersmclean

Answered by Honest John
If you suspect that the van is stolen, then involve the police. Otherwise, unless the guy was trading, nothing much you can do. You broke every rule in the book when buying the van.
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