What problems to look out for on the Mercedes-Benz Vito

I am buying a Vito van for a campervan conversion it has a 2.2TD engine.

Is this a good engine and does it have any faults that I should look out for? It has done 160.000 miles but it had a new engine at 100.000miles. He said he has all the paperwork and he seems a really genuine bloke and I trust him.

Asked on 23 March 2012 by jimmyjock

Answered by Honest John
Same basic 2.1 litre Mercedes engine used in everything, including the Chrysler PT Cruiser, C Class and E Class. Can have trouble removing glowlugs from the head if they fail. And the turbo needs idling from hot after a long ascent, after towing, or after hauling a heavy load.
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