Estate or a van for outdoor sports?

I am looking at buying a car or van to use for everyday runs but also for going kayaking. This means I need to be able to fit a boat 8'5" inside (even if that's with all seats down and diagonally it fitted in my '53 Octavia estate) and must be reasonable on fuel and insurance, but also good for long distance journeys so not too gutless. I am considering a van such as a Vivaro or Trafic for convenience as I can put a bed in and sleep in it.

Apart from that was looking at Volvo V50/70, Octavia or Mondeo. Budget is ideally 3-4k but could stretch to 5k for something better.

Asked on 10 September 2012 by Dave.B

Answered by Honest John
£3k - £4k restricts you to a Mk III Mondeo. £5k might get you a Mk IV. Better value than a V50/V70. If you buy a Trafic at auction, remember VAT at 20% is on top of the buying price + buyer's premium. Usefully low floor in a FWD Trafic.
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