Starting problems with a van when warm - any ideas?

I'm having trouble starting my van when the engine is warm.

I've just had a new timing chain put on by my mechanic and since then I have this problem. He has had it back and connected it to the diagnostic computer and it read alternator censor problem so he changed that but the problem still remains. It only sounds like its firing up on three cylinders but when it runs its fine and has never started any better when the engine is cold. Any ideas?

Asked on 23 March 2013 by stevieboycash

Answered by Alan Ross
Rather odd that the problem only started when the new chain was fitted.

The are are many reasons as to what could be the fault, and we would have expected that a diagnostic check would have highlighted the problem. Having said that would have never envisaged that a alternator sensor would be the reason.

Do you know what fault code was showing?

If the diagnostic is not showing a fault code ( ie P ---- 4 numbers) then you will have to check out quite a lot of separate items.

1. Air in the fuel system
2. Condition of the fuel filter/pipes
3. Fuel lift pump
4. Fuel rail pressure sensor ( FRP)
5. FRP control valve
6. Engine coolant temp sensor ( ECT)
7. The Injectors
8. Mass air flow sensor( MAF)
9. Intake air temp sensor) (IAT)
10. Crankshaft position sensor( CKP)
11. Camshaft position sensor) CMP).

You may want to check with the mechanic that he has a up to date diagnostic kit.
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