What can you tell me about my new Transit motorhome?

I own a 2010 Ford Transit based Autoroller 200 motorhome with 2.2 diesel Duratorq 115ps Euro 4 engine.

Please can you tell me if it has a diesel particulate filter as, unlike the later Euro 5 model where you can see the particulate filter, you cannot see it on mine. Is it fitted in a different position or not at all?

Does it have a catalytic converter? And does it have a timing belt or a timing chain fitted?

Also, does it have a dual mass flywheel fitted? And finally, does the current 2014 Ford Transit Custom 2.2 diesel have a timing belt or a timing chain?

Asked on 3 March 2014 by Trevor King

Answered by Honest John
I think it will have a DPF to meet EU4. The DPF and cat converter are a single unit. I think this engine is timing belt. Yes, it has a dual mass flywheel. The new 2.2 Transit engine is chain cam.
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