Bought a faulty used camper van - what are my rights?

I bought a 1993 camper van from a dealer. Before buying it, the seller carried out an MoT. However, within days of collecting the vehicles, we found the fuel tank to be leaking and two split tyres probably due to the vehicle standing for a long time. The windscreen is also leaking.

The dealer now says he won't honour replacing the tyres as it is not covered by warranty and said we are "trying it on". What rights have I to challenge the dealer and/or the MoT centre? The tyre problems were not mentioned on MOT report.

Asked on 25 February 2016 by Linda Bryan

Answered by Honest John
Perennial problem with overpriced campers that are really nothing more than old vans that would normally have been scrapped 10 years before. You pay for the fixtures and fittings, not the van. But if you paid £2000+ for this 22 year old vehicle you are entitled for it to be on safe, legal tyres and for the fuel tank not to be leaking.

The dealer has to either fix it or give you your money back. These are your legal rights: You should also report the MoT station that tested the van to the DVSA.
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