Towbar not approved for my van - any ideas?

I was looking to change my Mitsubishi 4workOutlander van, when Dacia announced a Duster commercial I thought it would be the perfect tool, contrary to your comments I thought it drove well, with a good combination of ride and handling and a certain rugged charm with the excellent 1.5d engine. However I noted that the commercial version was not rated to fit a tow bar, it has not been vehicle approved? I contacted Dacia who gave me the usual corporate speak answer-even that took perseverance-"we are looking into it", three months later, there is no change and the local dealer cannot give me an answer. Where do I stand if I just buy one and fit a tow bar, as its car based I presume the fitting holes will all be there, alternatively how can they sell a van ( designed for all self employed with a Vat number) without a tow bar?? Confused - I certainly am- they also appear to be fobbing off commercial customers with the pre facelift model- I can just about accept that, but its useless without a tow bar, any suggestions?

Asked on 16 March 2016 by dacia1

Answered by Honest John
Everything has to be separately EC Type Approved. For example, a manufacturer cannot EC Type Approve a car on 16" alloy wheels, then fit it with 15" steel wheels. I guess the van version is UK specific to meet weird UK van regulations that don't apply to the rest of Europe and that's why they are not trying too hard. But what they "officially" have to tell you and what you actually do are two different things and I can't see some French Eurocrat or the man from the DVSA getting apoplectic just because you put a towbar EC approved for the station wagon onto a station wagon with its windows filled in.
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