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Peugeot Partner won't start

My Peugeot Partner van is struggling to start. It turns over okay, but takes ages to get going. When it does, it is very smoky and rough. I changed all of the glow plugs - which fixed the starting issue - but the van now loses power and blows black smoke. What could be wrong?

Asked on 6 June 2016 by MouldyJuls

Answered by Alan Ross
Well if the engine is a 1.6 HDi then we would suggest that you check to see if you have a oil leak from the turbo and/or a whistling noise from the turbo, if so then it may be the TC inlet pipe has cracks in it.( will require renew)
This is a known fault.

If it is a 2.0 HDI then it may well be the HP fuel pump (internal wear) again a known fault.

Black smoke is caused by the fuel to air ration imbalance,either to much fuel or not enough clean air.

Other than that we would suggest that you have a diagnostic carried out as black smoke is indicating faulty injector pump, dirty air cleaner, turbo or intercooler problems, faulty EGR (exhaust gas recycling). Also it may be one of the many sensors fitted, hence the need for a diagnostic.

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