Nissan Navara chassis corrosion

My 2006 Nissan Navara failed its MoT recently due to chassis corrosion. Apparently this is a common fault, so I phoned Nissan UK and they arranged an inspection, which was carried out by the RAC on my driveway.

To my amazement Nissan told me that following the inspection their technical team have declared my chassis safe. I asked why Nissan were replacing chassis or buying back large numbers of Navaras with chassis problems and also how could they deem my vehicle safe when the chassis cannot pass an Mot but have not had much of a response! Where should I go next?

Why has Australia recalled 40,000 Navaras for chassis issues and the UK have not even though they came from the same factory?

Asked on 21 September 2016 by Mr Smith

Answered by Honest John
Second report of this. Navaras are supposed to have a 12 year no perforation warranty on the chassis but, of course, it depends on the maintenance regime. A 2006 is 10 years old and Sale of Goods generally deems the 'reasonable life' of a consumer durable as six years, so unless DVSA forces a recall on Nissan there is nothing you can do against Nissan.

As well as that, of course, condition of a chassis depends on the conditions in which it has been run and on its maintenance. But if Nissan has declared your chassis "safe", then take it to another MoT station and have it re-inspected. If it passes, OK. If it fails again, then take the matter up with DVSA that might then either order a recall of 10 year old Navaras, or order them all off the road.

The Australia problem must be different because chassis aren't as likely to corrode there. The fault leading to that recall must be a weakness that is exposed by dirt road and off road conditions.
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