Where have all the small pick-ups gone?

Since the demise of the car sized pick-up truck in the UK - in favour of huge double cab versions which are far too big for my needs - I've been looking to see if any manufacturer still offer a small pick up but can't find any, at least not in Europe. But then I came across this interesting vehicle in Asia.


Will this be coming over to the UK, or do you know of any manufacturer who still produces car sized pick-ups for the UK market?

Asked on 2 December 2016 by Wessex Reiver

Answered by Honest John
There's a FIAT made in Brazil and sold in Continental Europe. Also a Dacia Logan pick-up. There's a Suzuki 1.3 mini-dropside truck in some markets. I kind of doubt that the Indian mini-pick-up will get here.
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