Why is my Nissan Primastar van having trouble starting?

My Nissan Primastar van starts but then cuts straight back out after a few seconds. The fuel pump is working and I have had it running or starting and ticking over without the MAF sensor plugged in but acceleration is poor. When I plug the MAF sensor in it cuts right back out. I'm looking for a solution because I have changed the MAF sensor twice in 2 years and cleaned out the EGR valve once.

Asked on 18 December 2016 by Brianb

Answered by Alan Ross
I would suggest that you check all air/vacuum pipes and hoses for any leaks. One of the ways to check for leaks is to spray lighter gas, with the engine running of course, around all suspect joints. If the engine note changes then you have found the leak. If this does not produce any results then it may be prudent to have a diagnostic check carried out as this could will show a fault code which could be used to identify the problem.

Have you had the fuel filter changed regularly? If the diagnostic doesn't show a code, then you may have to start checking separate areas.

Check the EGR connections (either a vacuum pipe or electrical) for damage or corrosion because if so this could result in the EGR being on all the time. Another visual check would be the throttle position sensor (wiring /connections).

As for the MAF, if you unplug it and there is no change in engine condition then it could be the sensor itself and/or the wiring/connections.
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