Can you suggest a reliable crew-cab?

Currently looking at used crew cabs. Financial constraints aside, I generally prefer to look at options from a few 'generations' back - as a home mechanic, I prefer the simplicity, plus there's less to go wrong. It seems that in the older crew cabs nearly every product on the market has some quite serious flaws, bar, of course, the illustrious Hilux. Though these hold very strong money. What would be a good reliable option? Ideally with reasonable running costs.

Asked on 21 January 2017 by edster

Answered by Honest John
There's a reason why Hilux hold strong money and others don't. A reputation for indestructibility that is largely justified. Mitsubishi L200 Tridents from 2005 are probably tougher underneath and every single one comes out of the factory with its suspension properly aligned at all articulations.
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