Will a Ford Transit van tow a Coachman caravan?

I'm looking at a 2016 LWB crew cab Ford Transit van 2.2, 155PS. I was wondering if you know if it would tow my caravan, it's a 2009 Coachman Laser 645. I have an old Land Rover Discovery 3 at present and I cannot afford to replace it.

Asked on 3 February 2017 by Kevin

Answered by Dan Powell
Depends on which model Transit 2.2 TDCI you have, but towing weights range from 2.0 - 2.5 tonnes. This is usually enough to tow your average sized caravan. Owning to the fact your van is still quite new, I'd double check with the dealer to find out exactly what your van's towing limit it is first.

However, check what the van's Gross Train Weight (GTW) is first as this will tell you its maximum permitted weight of the vehicle plus any trailer being towed and its respective load. You can find a vehicle’s weight limits in the owner’s manual and they are usually detailed on a plate or sticker somewhere on the vehicle itself. This might be on the body behind the driver’s door, on the back of the fuel filler cap or in the engine bay, for example. You should never exceed the GTW.
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