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My new Peugeot Boxer has already had two mechanical issues - am I entitled to any compensation?

I purchased a brand new Peugeot Boxer from a main dealer in May 2016. In June, it started to have a slight hesitation which has now worsened and makes me feel as if it might come to a complete stop at some points. I took five trips back to the dealership to figure out it was a defective fuel injector system. I just got it back again and the steering started making some grinding and crunching noises, which has turned out to be 'faulty top strut mounts'. The dealership aren't very sympathetic with either of these problems. Am I entitled to some sort of compensation or anything?

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You’re entitled to free dealer repairs as part of the warranty. You also have the right to be kept mobile until your van is repaired. However, I don’t think you’re entitled to compensation as the fuel injector system has been fixed and the steering issue is completely unrelated. I would recommend contacting Peugeot customer services, however, to express your disappointment with your van.
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