Will a cancellation of an insurance policy stay on my record?

My insurance company have cancelled my van insurance due to a mistake that was made when purchasing online. I forgot to declare a motoring conviction for a bald tire I received four years ago, will this stay on my record? I was not trying to hide this information, it was a genuine mistake and was on my previous insurance policy for the year before.

Asked on 22 March 2017 by Richard

Answered by Honest John
Yes it will go on the CUE database that you have had a policy cancelled. Contact the insurer and ask them to requote you with the conviction. If you then take the policy out with them, the refusal will be removed. Also, check if the price comparison site asked for any convictions in the last five years, if it said in the last three then you can complain to the insurer and get them to re-instate the policy.
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