Why is my van not showing on the insurance database?

Earlier this year I purchased a Vauxhall Vivaro van. It was advertised as having the 125PS engine which is backed up by a code on the door frame and the V5.

When I try to get van insurance it is coming up as a different model with a higher power output. I do not want to be paying more for my insurance than needed or indeed, in the event of a claim, having it turned down due to inaccurate information. I have extensively trawled through my handbook but cannot find an answer. Can you help?

Asked on 20 September 2021 by eflatdave

Answered by Dan Powell
The insurance companies get their data from the DVLA. It may simply be a database error or something more sinister in regards to the history of the van. I would suggest taking it to your main Vauxhall dealer (ideally the one that sold the van when it was new) and having the VIN/registration and engine details confirmed. You can then approach the DVLA and ask them to amend the database if an error is found or take it back to the seller if the history of the vehicle fails to add up.
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