Did I buy my van as a private or trade sale?

I purchased a used van and would just like your opinion on whether it was a private or trade sale, as there is a major problem with it after just two weeks. It was advertised as a trade advert on the internet, and on the advert it has the trader's name and the receipt I have says "sold by - (traders name)." I also have the debit card receipt which shows the trader's name on it. I would definitely take this to be a trade sale, but have been told by an independent party it was a private sale because in the advert it says "We're selling this van for one of our customers". What would you make of this?

Asked on 21 August 2010 by piersb

Answered by Honest John
Unless it was spectacularly cheap (trade price) then this was a retail sale and the dealer is liable. You did actually pay the dealer and get a receipt from him. You did not pay the dealer's customer.
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