Are there any problems that can occur on the Vauxhall Vivaro?

What common problems can occur on the Vauxhall Vivaro? I'm looking at 2012 models onwards. I heard something about water getting into the head and causing major problems?

Asked on 8 February 2018 by Simon Earley

Answered by Dan Powell
Vauxhall Vivaro vans fitted with the 2.0 dCi M9R diesel engine were prone to rainwater dripping from a failed bonnet seal at the base of the windscreen. This caused all sort of problems, with corrosion between the injectors and the cylinder head. Gear linkage problems were common too, with the selector cable bush wearing or simply popping off the balljoint on the gearbox selector arm.

Any clattering or rattling can point to problems with the cam chain. Despite it being a chain it’s known to stretch, ask if it’s been replaced, it should be done around 100,000-130,000 miles.

For more on the Vauxhall Vivaro – and the full list of reported problems – see:
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