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How easy is it to import a used van from Europe?

I'm in the very early stages of planning to get a large, secondhand van to convert to a camper for family holidays. I'm looking at a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB, but I'd rather not get diesel for environmental and cost reasons. However, it seems very difficult to find the LGT (dual fuel petrol/LPG) model in the UK. How straightforward would it be to buy one in mainland Europe, drive it back and get all the legalities sorted back in the UK? Is it going to be harder to do this after Brexit?

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Importing a van is relatively straightforward, but involves quite a lot of paperwork before you can register it for UK plates. You’ll have to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that you’ve brought the van into the UK. You’ll have to pay VAT and duty too, and also get approval to show that the van meets UK road regulations. You can find out more here: www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk

Alternatively, you can pay a shipping agent to do all of this for you. They’ll also organise transport of the van to your door.
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